Drink, eat, paint in Warsaw!

25 April 2025 18:30
25 April 2025 20:30

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DRINK, EAT, PAINT! A party with unlimited wine, where you can create your own painting to hang at home. No prior painting experience is needed – we will bring out your inner artist 🙂

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DRINK, EAT, PAINT! PAINTING WITH WINE. – a group of budding artists painting while enjoying wine. The event with unlimited amount of wine, after which you will leave with your own painting to hang up at home. An experience designed to stimulate your creativity and help you find your inner artist. During this 2 hour long evening filled with wine and delicious snacks, you are guaranteed to meet a circle of of interesting people. Our aim is to provide the best social experience in in the field of painting while enjoying wine.


All our events are conducted in Polish. But don’t worry about it! During parties, we mainly focus on painting and drinking wine – there is not much talking. All painting tips are provided individually at your station because all our artists speak English!


We are the first and largest “painting with wine” initiative in Poland – every month we inspire over 3,000 Beginner Artists in 14 cities across Poland! Our goal is to provide the absolute best painting and wine social experience in this part of Europe. We do not sell workshops – the ticket price includes the assurance that we will awaken the greatest emotions in you.


The beauty of painting events – apart from the masterpieces that are created at them – is that they are an an opportunity to spend your free time in a fun and creative way. is a space for family, friends, colleagues and neighbours. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a hen night or it’s just a “regular” Saturday. There’s nothing better than rolling up your sleeves and learning a new skill while sipping your favourite wine.


In Warsaw! The event takes place in a beautiful location in the city centre. The place is always chosen according to the number of participants and the weather conditions (yes, we like outdoor events too). In each city, we work with several venues – they are always extraordinary, original interiors spaces that are tailored to the nature of our events (lofts, galleries, original restaurants, industrial warehouses, rooftops, etc.). We are in each city at least 3 times a month. Check out where we paint HERE


– unlimited consumption of wine (white and red)
– delicious snacks (various types of cheese, nuts, grapes)
– full painting kit (easel, canvas, acrylic paints, brushes, palette, apron)
– constant support of the painter – a professional graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts
– your very own 40 x 50 cm artwork to take away with you


– regular price is PLN 249
– FIRST MINUTE price, we give bonuses to those who have previously registered – PLN 199 (first 75% of places)
– limited number of places


VOUCHER FOR PAINTING WITH WINE – an original gift for any occasion – wedding anniversary, birthday, Mother’s Day, Women’s Day or an extraordinary date. The voucher is valid for 12 months and can be used at any event throughout Poland. Importantly, it is a great idea for a last minute gift because it lands in your e-mail immediately after purchase, ready to print. More information – CLICK HERE


Currently, corporate events constitute almost half of our business! We often hear the opinion that it was the best integration meeting in history. If you are fed up with standard team building activities, organize the integration of your team with us. We have over a dozen scenarios, we go anywhere in Poland and we implement even the craziest ideas. We are able to organize events for up to 2,000 people. Sounds good? More information can be found HERE


ARE THERE PLACES AVAILABLE? – yes, there are:) if there are no places, it will be clearly written in the description and it will not be possible to save,
WHERE THE EVENT IS HELD – we do not disclose 🙂 we only send the location to registered people 2 days before the event,
DO YOU SELL VOUCHERS? – of course yes, you can buy the voucher (valid for 12 months throughout Poland) HERE
DO YOU OFFER NON-ALCOHOLIC WINE? – we don’t have non-alcoholic wine, but you can easily bring your own,
HOW TO MAKE A REGISTRATION? – above on this page, select the number of tickets and click JOIN, make the payment and… that’s it 🙂
WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE COME THERE? – with open minds, who 95% of the time last held a paintbrush in primary school in art class,
CAN I SIGN UP SEVERAL PEOPLE? – yes, of course it is possible, select the appropriate number of tickets when ordering,
CAN YOU ISSUE AN INVOICE? – we are a legally operating company, therefore a VAT invoice is issued for each order,
UNTIL WHEN IS THE PRICE LOWER? – we raise the price when 75% of the places are filled – we give bonuses to early registrants,
WHEN WILL I GET THE TICKET? – there are no tickets, after registering and paying you will receive an e-mail with your reservation number – this is enough as an entry ticket,
WHAT DOES SUCH AN EVENT LOOK LIKE? – go to our Instagram and see the saved “highlights stories” CLICK TO INSTA,
WHEN IS PAINTING? – we are on average several times a month in every large city in Poland, see the entire schedule HERE
DO YOU ORGANIZE CORPORATE EVENTS? – of course yes, this is half of our business 🙂 more info HERE
WHERE CAN I FIND ANY OPINIONS ABOUT YOU? – read opinions from our participants on Insta, FB and Google,
CAN I CHANGE THE DATE? – yes, but only more than 2 days (48 hours) before the event. For less than 2 days (48 hours), you can transfer your entry to another person for free.

See what our event looks like in the video:

See in the photos what our event looks like. More photos can be found on our Insta.

Read the opinions of our participants. Unfortunately, only in Polish, but we have many foreign participants.

WE DO speak English, Spanish and German – do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in joining our wine and painting experience.